Culture of Safety surveys have long been an effective tool to measuring and improving patient safety. Ideally, when done regularly, this process becomes part of your ASC's quality program and you benchmark your center’s results from survey to survey.

The Florida Legislature mandated in July 2020 with House Bill 763 that ASCs are to conduct a Culture of Safety Survey every two years beginning in 2022 and submit the results. Click here to view House Bill 763.

However, the Agency for Health Care Administration has yet to finalize their rulemaking which will determine the survey tool and how the data is submitted.

The first data submission will be due no later than July 2022. Depending on your center’s familiarity with the Culture of Safety survey process you may need to do a little work to get ready.

How are other centers getting ready?

There’s a lot to consider. Who do you need to lead the effort? Who will explain the process to staff members? How will you conduct the survey? What did the survey show? Do you have time to work on any areas that came back in the survey? Can you conduct another survey before the submission deadline? 

What should you do first? Begin by reviewing existing materials.  Then make a plan on how to prepare for the survey process.  AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) has developed an ASC toolkit including a sample survey and user’s guide. To review these materials, click here to visit the AHRQ ASC site

FSASC hosted a webinar by Dr. David Shapiro that covers the Culture of Safety requirement in great detail. We are sharing this resource with all Florida ASCs. However, FSASC is preparing more resources for members only, don't miss out! 

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Click here to view the Culture of Safety requirement webinar!