Operations & Rules Manual

The maze of regulations governing ambulatory surgical centers are confusing. Not knowing the regulations is dangerous and potentially expensive. In response, FSASC developed the Operations and Rules Manual and placed the entire manual on the web site.

It is the definitive resources for the laws and rules governing ASC operations in Florida. Best of all, it is available to all FSASC members free of charge. Thank you for supporting FSASC as we work to promote and protect the ASC industry in Florida!

The Web platform will allow us to expand the content of the manual. The FSASC Board of Directors is working to develop a number of new chapters that will be made available here. Please e-mail us your suggestions for new content and let us know about the navigation of this feature of the web site. Click here to email FSASC.



1. Ambulatory Surgical Center Licensure

2. Physical Plant Improvements of New or Existing Ambulatory Surgical Facilities

3. Medicare Policies and Procedures

4. Radiologic Technologist Certification Act

5. Internal Risk Management

6. Safe Medical Devices Act

7. Laboratory Testing Surgical Pathology

8. Licensure of Institutional Pharmacies

9. Biomedical Waste

10. Ambulatory Patient Data Reporting

11. Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

12. Anti-Kickback Regulations

13. Accreditation

14. Workers’ Compensation

15. About the Contributors

16. Index of Rules and Forms