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FSASC Member Legislative Alert 5.28.15

The House and Senate will convene in Special session starting next Monday, June 1, and continue until June 20. They must pass a state budget before July 1 to avoid a state government shut down.  The main issues under discussion are tied to the spending of state resources and various issues left over from the Regular session.


2015 Session Summary

The 2015 Legislative session will go down in history as one of the most contentious and constitutionally awkward.  Although many bills passed and have been delivered to the Governor many more died as the session ended early resulting from deep disagreements between the House and the Senate.  Most of that disagreement was over Medicaid Low Income Pool (LIP) funding for hospitals and expansion authorized by Obama Care.  This will result in a June special session to resolve these and other differences.


FSASC Member Legislative Update 4.28.15

You may have heard already that the House Adjourned Sine Die about 1:15 yesterday afternoon, meaning they ended their part in the 2015 Regular Session.  


FSASC Member Legislative Update 4.17.15

LIP – Low Income Pool

The regular session is scheduled to end in two weeks.  At this point in the process things speed up considerably and it is not unusual for tempers to flare and discussions to get heated. 


FSASC Member Legislative Update 4.9.15

The House Health and Human Services Committee met this morning (4/9/15) to hear HB 999 that allows for ASCs to keep patients in their facility for up to 24 hours.  Like the two previous committees, they supported the bill, passing it with just two dissenting votes.

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