FSASC Breaking News!  4-18-19

FSASC’s 2019 effort to allow 23 hour stay in ASCs has come back to life.  Late this afternoon, Senator Aaron Bean successfully offered an amendment to Senate Bill 7078, which includes the FSASC language. 

The result is that both the House and Senate have eligible 23 hour stay language, which can be put to floor vote.  FSASC is grateful to Senator Bean and to our Senate bill sponsor Senator Gayle Harrell for their efforts on behalf of ASCs.  


FSASC Legislative Update 4-18-19

Click on the video icon below to watch a summary of week seven's legislative activities.  



FSASC Legislative Update 4-12-19

There are only three weeks remaining of the legislative session. The last two weeks are devoted primarily to House and Senate floor activity, the budget, and bill amendments.  Although most of the committee action has ended, both chambers will have some committees meeting to finish up on bills next week.   Budget negotiations will start early next week as well.

Although the House continues to move a Workers Compensation bill, many believe any major changes could be dead, due to the limited time remaining in the session.  We remain vigilant because this has happened before, only to see new language pop up after behind-the-scenes negotiations at the end of the session.  What we know is that Representative Byrd continues to push for a substantial cut to ASC and Hospital rates bringing you down to 160% of Medicare without coverage for implants or other costs.  While the Senator Perry bill, SB 1636, only deals with capping of attorney fees in work comp cases, he has expressed interest in coming to a compromise with his House counterpart to get a bill passed. The FSASC lobby team is going through every amendment, listening, and watching for any new deal or activity.

We were disappointed that SB 434 by Senator Harrell did not come up in the Health and Human Services Appropriations Subcommittee this week, but are looking for other options for passage during the remaining days of the session.  This bill would allow ASCs to keep a patient for up to 24 hours.  

PCS/CS/SB 732 by Senator Flores (R-Miami) puts constraints on office-based surgery after a series of exposes in the Miami Herald highlighted several tragic deaths.  The bill authorizes the Department of Health (DOH) to register and regulate office surgery centers. The bill requires the DOH to deny or revoke the registration of or impose certain penalties against any facility where certain office surgeries are performed under certain circumstances.  The bill authorizes the Board of Medicine (BOM) and the Board of Osteopathic Medicine (BOOM) to adopt rules to administer the registration, inspection, and safety of office surgery centers and the standards of practice for physicians who perform office surgery.

The activities in the final three weeks will be fast and furious.  The House will continue to push its aggressive health care agenda.  Click here to watch a video from House leaders outlining their initiatives.


FSASC Legislative Update 4-05-19

The week of April 1st has been appropriately “fooling” with two major bills being scheduled to be heard in committee but ending up being postponed.  In the case of SB 1636 on Workers’ Compensation, an official “TP” or Temporary Postponement, meant that the threat of reduced reimbursement was diminished.  It also indicates that there is currently no legislative consensus as to how to handle the workers’ compensation reform issue.

In the case of SB 434 on 23 hour care, the bill was not heard due to other agenda items, forming a delay in getting this FSASC-supported bill passed.  FSASC is issuing a Call-to-Action next week asking members to contact the Subcommittee on Healthcare Appropriations prior to their meeting next week when this bill will be brought up again on the agenda.  A corresponding bill on extended stay in an ASC (HB 25) finished its committee assignments and is now ready for voting by the entire House.

FSASC is watching HB 999, which passed a committee this week as it has language that requires that each and every patient receive an estimate prior to surgery.  We are working with the sponsor to amend the language of the bill as it moves along.

Finally, we are watching SB 1320/HB 17.  This bill, which caps reimbursement in PIP cases, was moving quickly, but has now slowed down.  As with any bill, a consensus opinion amongst legislators or action from the Leadership can get these bills going again.  There is still quite a bit of time left in the Session, so we proceed with caution.


FSASC Legislative Update 3-15-19

Week two of the legislative session had some interesting movement that could potentially impact ASCS.  Click the video to watch a summary of week two's activities!

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