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Corporate-owned centers receive a discount.  Please contact FSASC prior to completing the membership application.  


Your Best Source for Education and Consultation

Members can instantly access vital industry information by logging into the Member Resources section. Here you will find a comprehensive repository of the laws and regulations governing ambulatory surgery centers and information on a variety of industry topics aimed at improving an ASC’s ability to serve its patients. FSASC also provides its members with SurgiWatch, a quarterly newsletter highlighting state and national ASC related news along with interim updates on Medicare payment and legislative issues.

The FSASC Annual Conference and Tradeshow is an outstanding source for information on topics ranging from new technological advances to business practices; you will also find updates on the laws and regulations governing ambulatory surgery centers. FSASC specializes in peer-to-peer education with results that produce a program of “best practices” which are widely available to every surgery center. Nurses will also find FSASC’s meetings a superb opportunity to earn contact hours.

When ambulatory surgery centers need answers quickly, they turn to FSASC. FSASC staff are familiar with issues pertaining to ASCs. They have immediate access to state and federal resources so they can get answers quickly and correctly. In addition, FSASC maintains an extensive network with the ASCs throughout Florida. Knowledge is tracked so that we are able to refer members to an experienced contact for consultation or mentoring. The help you need is just a call away!

Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy is Our Top Priority

FSASC maintains an active presence in Tallahassee with resources that include a full-time staff and a Tallahassee-based lobbyist specializing in ambulatory surgical issues. Support from our members has allowed FSASC to establish a sizeable Political Action Committee to support legislators around the state who believe in the ASC industry. Combined with topnotch legal representation before AHCA and other regulatory bodies, FSASC takes its primary focus very seriously and has achieved significant recognition by ASC regulators. The advocacy does not stop in Florida. Through participation in national associations representing the ambulatory surgery center industry, FSASC is able to monitor and influence decision-making in Washington D.C

Making Administration Easier

FSASC provides it members with powerful resources to stay on top of this complex administrative environment. As a benefit, FSASC sponsors its members’ access to one of Florida’s top labor law consulting firms, who provide immediate answers to employment-related issues including walking members through termination decisions, review of personnel policies and strategies for dealing with the host of labor laws applicable in Florida.

FSASC maintains a number of administrative and clinical forms and record-keeping systems on its website for members to download for their use. Members submit their forms for use on the website as a “best practice” — allowing every member access to the most current and efficient forms in the industry. FSASC continually adds programs. Please speak with our staff about additional benefits of membership.